Are you prepared to pay $7 to see your GP?


What do you think?


The media has reported an immediate drop in GP visits see

Most private and mixed billing practices we have interviewed, state their patient numbers have held steady.

Dr Pasquale Cocchiaro (Family GP) says..

“We have noticed a slight decrease in numbers since the announcement, but there

is confusion about when it is to be implemented.

We have had some pensioners wanting to pay it already!!!.

My belief is that this is just a way of the government reducing the income of doctors.

Effectively if we bulk bill pensioners etc  we will lose the $7 co-payment and the $6 incentive Payment, Effectively  $13 Dollars.

In the long run people will get used to it but the most needy will not seek attention until they are very unwell, and this will cause more problems with the health system”.

Is your health a priority?


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