How to choose a good GP/Practice and what made good doctors cry!

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FHT_Doctor-Patient-CommThere has been some recent media about what patients want and even what doctors want. Reportedly, a new video even made doctors cry, see below for more information.

We have summarised the recent media below for you. This is really useful and important information. We do not endorse any of these findings, however they represent real and transparent opportunities for patients and providers to better engage with each other. Such engagement will significantly improve patient satisfaction and practice sustainability in the face of the current Medicare freeze and over supply of doctors. Hopefully, these articles will inspire even more great ideas for your practice to adopt.

1. How to choose a good GP/Practice – Sydney Morning Herald

WWaiting roome thought this article was great, as it is telling patients what to expect, especially in light of the Medicare Freeze and the potential for an increase in out of pocket costs. Furthermore, it addresses how patients will be a little more discerning. To successfully grow a practice, it is important to meet patient expectations.

See How to choose a GP and health clinic


2. What patients think of GPs, specialists, allied health and hospitals

Australian Bureau of Statistics offices and logo in Canberra, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009 (AAP Image/Alan Porritt) NO ARCHIVING

We thought this Australian Government National report provided some great insights into affordability and accessibility to healthcare services, what patients thought about healthcare practices and the hospital system. Once again these key findings were quite telling in what you could do to take advantage of these challenges, so that your practice becomes a point of difference in the mind of patients. Successfully meeting patient needs breeds more loyalty and financial stability for everyone.


3. What made good doctors cry!

doctor crying

This new RACGP national TV advertisement is a little confronting. It is a good start to getting a dialogue about what to expect from your GP. It was reported this video made doctors cry. We you leave you all to be the final judge. Ideally, listening to the patient first would leave a better impression. Hopefully we will see this in the second video using a patient’s own words. After all, it may have more empathy and appeal. What do you think?


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