Australia’s Most Trusted Doctor!

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Charlie Teo

As reported last week in  on the 8th April 2016 at Sydney Novotel Darling Harbour, David Dahm is honoured to be invited to speak with an eclectic group of speakers. This includes the controversial  Dr Charlie Teo, who was voted Australia’s most trusted person in 2014 by Readers Digest subscribers and Professor Barry Boettcher, a blood expert who worked tirelessly to find the truth in the Chamberlain Case to prove she was innocent, along with a host of amazing speakers from across Australia all dedicated to a more open and transparent healthcare system. This will be a big, game changing event for Australia!

David will be speaking on a global and local solution to fix regulatory gaps in the healthcare system to better empower patients and providers.

Australian Doctor last week announced this event see

If you want to attend visit

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