Doctors pay Calculator (‘DPC’) and service agreement a new national service just got easier and more cost effective! – NEW

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dpcAustralian first for healthcare practices a new way to lower your overheads and improve profitability – NEW!

Are you being paid correctly? You cannot afford to get your key providers pay wrong.Keeping their trust is a must.

If you are paying providers a percentage of their gross fees, you will be pleased to know you no longer need to suffer from messy spreadsheets and payment errors and complaints when paying your providers. It does not matter whether they are doctors, dentists or allied health.

We are excited to announce our unique Doctors Pay Calculator software program with free service agreement templates is now available in the cloud for a fixed monthly fee.

Nobody in Australia can offer you this unique service due to our specially developed and marketed tested software and our template agreements that have been carefully developed nationally over 27 years.

For those who do not want to train staff we now also offer an outsourcing solution where we can take care of the regular documentation compliance, calculation, accounting, book keeping and reporting headache for a monthly fixed fee.This complements our latest template service agreements which are bundled in for free.

For more information see our overview and download our brochure.

Since 2001 developed and endorsed by a Chartered Accountant and registered tax agent David Dahm.

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