Does your professional association represent you? What do you personally risk losing?

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It is so important professional membership associations and not for profits to walk the talk when it comes to representing their members as well as the community’s best interest. This is about being open, transparent and accountable.

By taking this for granted, this will risk any statutory privilege provided by the Government that their members currently enjoy such as capped liability, government funding or less red tape. This will come out of your own hip pocket with higher membership fees, premiums or reduced support services. 

For too long we have taken for granted this is what our hard-working professional bodies and not for profits do for us.  However, the most important function in acting in the public’s best interest of the public is a fatal mistake.

Lessons from the Royal Commission into the Banking and Financial Planning Sector

The Royal Commission into the Banking Industry is forcing the Government’s hand to investigate high profiled professional associations such as the Financial Planning Association (FPA) Board.

I note the recent article in the Medical Republic about the Federal Australian Medical Association called How low can the AMA go

There are many others I could name, other than to say the problem is a lot greater than we all think.

The bottom line it is important to hold your membership bodies into account.

CPAA Member Openness, Transparency and Accountability Resolution


In our last news alert, I had explained why I and my fellow peers had taken action against the high profiled CPA Australia.

It is for this reason I wanted to serve a warning to the broader community that professional associations and high not for profits.  They must serve the public’s interest and not just its members if they wish to enjoy the kudos the Government provides them.

It is a warning to the accounting profession and the broader community at large you risk getting revoked your statutory privileges and professional reputations sullied if we did not hold our elected Board members accountable.

It is for this reason I had recently raised an openness, transparency, and accountability CPAA motion. This very easy to comply with a resolution to hold a webinar on member resolutions has been incredibly unanimously rejected together with 10 other member resolutions.

This provides a poor optic. There is a real risk we will lose special tax agent protections and capped liability due to the lack of consultations.

This resolution made international headlines as this is a simple public interest issue.


CPA members push for removal of president

If you are CPA member entitled to vote I am happy to hold your proxy for the benefit of the profession and the community. Click here . 

For more information about my resolution see this short members Fireside Chat video about my resolution.  

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