How to opt out of the Government’s national electronic health record now



Seriously how safe will your personal health records be?

The Australian Government announced in 2017  the creation of a My Health Record for every Australian to have by the end of 2018.

The ABC’s recent article My Health Record: Your questions answered on cybersecurity, police, and privacy boasts the now in trouble with Privacy Laws Health Engine is approved by My Health Record! Yes, the Federal Government states it will create a My Health Record for all Australians by the end of this year, unless they choose not to have one. But there is a small window period to OPT OUT. See Media Release.

In our view, the My Health Record is about as the closest thing we have had in recent years to the controversial Australia Card and comes hot on the heels of the recent Facebook Privacy breaches. The problem is that Big Government Data centres can become big and easy targets for privacy and security breaches. There are no guarantees in life, and no Government offer one, despite what they may claim.

We must decide; do we want to continue

 to share our highly personal and sensitive health and medical information or not? If we do nothing the decision will be made for us; by default, we will have given permission!  The decision will affect not only us but our loved ones.

To read our concerns about the Patient Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR or My Health Record), click on the links below.


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BUT: if you decide you do NOT want to have a My Health Record, then this is what you need to do NEXT.


If you decide that you don’t want a My Health Record created on your behalf, you will have the opportunity to OPT OUT, during a three-month period – from 16 July to 15 October 2018. (It’s not possible to opt out before 16 July 2018).


The dates for the opt-out period were announced on 14 May 2018. See the media release for further details.

As a final comment, we do speculate why there was no national referendum or national TV  and newspaper advertising campaign on such an important issue when this program was first raised. More public consultation would have been useful.

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