Outsourcing the hard stuff!

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Outsourcing is a better solution – 10 great reasons why.

Increasingly it is getting harder to find and retain talented and experienced people. At the same time, technology is evolving so fast it is making many hard-earned skills redundant overnight.


This may not concern you much, until it gives your competitors a competitive edge – to the point where they can provide the same service at a more reliable and lower cost than you can, losing you customers, in your case, patients. At the same time, many regulatory agencies are now demanding more real-time information.

If you don’t comply, you may face new serious penalties like losing a tax deduction for not lodging your payroll with the Tax Office on time! This may not seem fair but it is a new law they have introduced from 1st July 2019!

A solution is to consider outsourcing parts or all those key compliance areas you struggle to keep on top of.

Is outsourcing expensive?


Someone once asked us…

“Why the hell would I pay for 4 days a month of your time when I could hire a full-time person for the same cost?”

Here was our answer:

1. You don’t have to train us (and you don’t have the resources/expertise to anyway).

2. We have the proven experience of growing businesses with minimal time investment.

3. We have made (almost) all the mistakes a small business owner possibly can make, so we have a good idea of what not to do.

4. No other provider offers the solutions that we do.

5. No sick pay, annual leave, super contribution or poor performance/unfair dismissal to pay for.

6. If you don’t think we are doing a good job (or you just don’t like us very much) you can dispense with our services almost straight away, no questions asked.

7. No-one else has nearly 27 years of experience in managing a vast range of ever-changing online and offline accounting, taxation, benchmarking, practice agreement template compliance and marketing channels…

8. We will never ask you for a pay rise or bonus

9. We cannot afford to get it wrong. We have to do it right the first time. We keep the full audit trail your staff member may not. We do not have a choice. It is our total responsibility, not yours or your staff member.

10. If you REALLY want to hire someone full time, we will put in the basic infrastructure you need, help with the recruitment process and provide them with training on your behalf.

Shall I keep going?

After listening to this answer, this client signed up!


So, talk to us about outsourcing your bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, key practice agreement template compliance, benchmarking, marketing and monthly management reporting needs.

Accountants cannot be all things to all people in a hyper-complex world; only niche and boutique firms like ours can service the specific needs of an industry of group of professionals.

There is really no choice. Being a jack-of-all trades and a master-of-none may leave you seriously out-of- pocket when it comes to getting the right and timely advice. See our article Why traditional or start up healthcare accountants are finding it difficult to help you?

A good adviser will tell you what you do not want to hear. A great adviser will offer proven solutions on how to fix the problem, and not just treat the symptom.

In this hyper-changing world, it is important to work with experienced specialists in your industry. For more information see Get your taxes in order to prepare for a successful 2019  and Fixed Fee Financial outsourcing of your bookkeeping and or accounting.

For more information contact us at Health and Life pa@healthandlife.com.au or for a no-obligation free consult.

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