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Support a landmark legal fight for a Better, Fairer, Simpler and Safer healthcare system for all Australians

“This is dedicated to all those patients and carers whose lives have been affected with or who have had difficulty in navigating our complex healthcare system”

David Dahm

A Patient Advocate

“We thank the high profiled human rights advocate Julian Burnside QC  for accepting to represent Dr Karmakar in her Federal Court case- Karmakar v The Federal Health Minister”

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Are you frustrated with your healthcare providers who cannot give you a commonly agreed clinical opinion about your health?

We urgently need to raise $150,000 for legal costs towards a better healthcare system.

Healthcare is a necessity and regardless of your current health status, it is imperative that when you or your loved ones need medical care, that the best care is available. Has the health care system let you or someone you love down? This legal case is a unique opportunity to change the system towards a more sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system.

We want a fair go for patients and healthcare providers.

The sole purpose of this legal case is to bring patient rights and the public interest issue to the forefront of the healthcare system.

This case affects your freedom to choose your doctor or healthcare provider safely. This case affects all Australians now, and we need your help to protect millions of lives and save billions of dollars by ensuring you receive the right care all of the time.

There is no financial compensation claim to be paid to Dr Karmakar. She has also undertaken significant personal risk to raise awareness of this important issue. Her family and friend’s efforts are entirely pro bono. She wants to see a change in the healthcare system for the greater good.

Did you know that Medical and Healthcare error is the third largest killer of human life?

lllll.pngIn Australia, medical error is the third largest killer of human life after heart attacks and cancer. Unlike the aviation and accounting profession, there is a lack of commonly peer-reviewed agreed open, transparent and accountable healthcare standards that are enforced by the professions and the community. The Government’s rhetorics have failed to protect us from the banks and healthcare is no different. We need a better solution that assists in preventing unnecessary medical and healthcare errors.

The current Medicare system is adding to this problem. It affects the way you live.

The unfortunate financial impact on you and our community are the costs associated with the unnecessary harming of lives and paying higher taxes as the result of inaction on behalf of the Government of an outdated and broken system.

Sadly, the legal solution is the only final solution left

Dr Karmakar v The Federal Health Minister

Unfortunately, after many attempts including a supportive 2011 Federal Senate Inquiry, there has been no change in a system that requires adjustment.

The inactivity of Government means the intervention of the Courts is the only solution left.

The Federal Court case Karmakar v The Federal Health Minister will be a landmark test case that puts patient rights and public interest first.

The 1980 RACGP v Commonwealth High Court ruled, the Government does not have a right to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship. The current Medicare audit rules are undermining this right.

More harm than good is occurring when there is a more sustainable and socially responsible way forward.

Every day this case will positively affect your life.


If you are not already, it is inevitable that you will become a patient one day. This affects your life and your hip pocket. Nobody wants to experience unnecessary treatment or care or worse, misdiagnosis due to funding issues.

A lack of reliable and centralised guidelines (opinions) results in poorer health literacy and reduces your freedom to choose the right doctor and or healthcare provider. Furthermore, it disempowers you in a complex and overwhelming healthcare system. You deserve better, and our politicians need to be encouraged to act now. An independent not for profit international healthcare standards and ethics board leads to a better community-led solution.

If the Government has enough trouble managing the banks how can they manage your health? Should they or should you?

Did you know doctors and healthcare providers are withdrawing life-saving services?

A further concern is the results of a recent national survey. It has revealed that Medicare is creating unnecessary anxiety and frustration among healthcare providers. They are withdrawing potentially legitimate and life-saving health care services that you may need such as a Pap smear, a blood test, pain relief treatment etc. due to unpublish Medicare clinical rules and quotas.

In simple terms, healthcare providers are being prosecuted for speeding when there are no published speed limits. So some are afraid to drive, and others are speeding. All we want are the posted rules so everyone can obey the speed limit. The current “quota system” is doing more harm than good. Do you want your Doctor to have access to appropriate diagnostic tools, or be a victim of economic misdiagnosis which is the current system on trial?


This is where we need your help to raise awareness, obtain your feedback and funding so that Doctors can use the tools to provide Patients with the best health outcome possible. All funding will be used to assist with the legal costs for Dr Kamakar’s test case. Any remainder of the funding will be to promote an independent not-for-profit, centralised international set of healthcare standards and an ethics board that is patient-friendly, that responds faster to your healthcare needs.

The Federal Court hearing is scheduled for 9th March 2019, but we need your help now. Please donate, and if you cannot, at least forward this request to someone who can.

Please share if you care for this once in a lifetime opportunity to redefine the healthcare system for your loved ones.

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