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‘Integrity Defines Success’

‘Integrity Defines Success’

David Pridham and David Dahm at the University of South Australia’s (Great)Pridham Hall Opening.

David Dahm three wise words are ‘Integrity Defines Success’. This was officially with many others etched on the ‘Inverted Pyramid. For information see Great Hall Donor

Congratulations to the Honourable Member Christopher Pyne for 25 years in Parliament 
I recently received an invitation from Federal MP Christopher Pyne to attend a celebration of his 25 years in Federal Parliament. Chris and I go back many years, to our primary school days together and it was a great honour to be invited to the occasion. Chris is a determined and patriotic fighter for any cause he believes in. He is also hilarious to work with! Along with his colleagues John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull, Chris has proved very helpful to me over many decades, as have other Federal politicians including Nick Xenophon. Allow me to express my thanks for their help on my journey. They are all remarkable people. Congrats Chris!
David Dahm invited to speak to Adelaide University, University of South Australia and Flinders University on making industry work experience work for students
David Dahm invited to speak to Adelaide University, University of South Australia and Flinders University on making industry work experience work for students


David was invited to present on Social Intelligence in the workplace at Flinders University 




Chartered Accountant Achiever program – Congratulations to Morales Espinoza Giovanna



Chatting with the Foreign Minister… it was a busy year!

Julia Bishop

Another day and another catch up. David with the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop – so what were we talking about?

David Dahm with Julie Bishop, Deputy Federal Foreign Minister of Australia. My only request please keep the price of our local lobster down – we love them!. 🙂


David Dahm joining the dots with Australian Federal Health Minister the Honourable Susan Ley.


David Dahm discussing where best to allocate healthcare dollars with the Federal Minister. “We do not need to spend more money. We just need to spend it better. The healthcare system needs to be more open and transparent for both patients and providers. Patients should be more empowered to make up their minds. There are simple solutions to make this happen, give patients a chance to do this for themselves with their provider”.



David Dahm join the dots!Adelaide University Post Graduate Society presents an interview session with David Dahm on “What skills will set you apart?”


David & Nelson

David Dahm, Valeria Alonso and Nelson Mendes at the Kaplan Business School LinkedIn Workshop for Advanced Users held on 26 August 2015



 Nelson Mendes speaks at Kaplan Business School LinkedIn Workshop for Beginner Users

Kaplan Business School held a LinkedIn Workshop for Beginner Users on Tuesday, 25 August 2015. The workshop presentation was about the importance of LinkedIn, setting up a profile, do’s and don’ts about your profile and importance of having LinkedIn to one’s career.

David Dahm

The Official Launch of the New Wakefield Campus at Torrens University Australia

Laureate International Universities and Torrens University Australia held the Official Launch of the New Wakefield Campus at Torrens University Australia on Thursday 23 July  2015. The launch was attended by Doug Becker, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Laureate International Universities, The Hon Christopher Pyne, MP, Minister of Education and Training and senior business leaders and key members of the employment and education industries.

David Dahm Speaks at Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN)

We wish to thank you for the invitation and great questions from the floor, all disciplines of academia and staff. Thanks to University of South Australia, University of Adelaide and Finders University and all the energetic organisers, Ceri Macleod, Helen Stephenson, Dale Wache and all the rest who worked hard together for the success of this event. “Thank you for providing such an open, informative and thought-provoking presentation at the ACEN SA/NT Think Tank on 23rd June. Your industry perspective was vital in helping challenge our thinking around the  sector’s approach towards preparing university graduates for the workplace.  It also provided the perfect background context to subsequent Think Tank discussions on how best to build sustainable relationships with industry partners, and I very much hope that we will be able to continue to work with you in furthering these conversations.” Ceri Macleod SA/NT Chapter Chair and National Board Director; Australian Collaborative Education Network



2015 Annual practice

19 March 2015  Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local’s (IEMML) Annual Practice Manager’s Conference  The event featured presentations from leading experts within general practice. Key note speakers included Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) Victorian state president Brett MacPherson on Preparing for Health Reforms, Avant on social media and David Dahm from Health and Life on doctor contracts, employment, awards and registrar terms.

15th December 2014 Kaplan’s Business School Graduation Ceremony Kaplans GraduateFor David Dahm, it was a most humbling honour to be invited as a keynote speaker to address their accounting graduates. Thank you to the international business school Kaplan’s and their academic faculty. Good luck every graduate in your well chosen profession. 24th November  2014 State Finalist Owner Manager of the Year – David Dahm 2ab5196d-d30a-44de-b6fc-ca479731f89b-largeAIM Excellence 21st November 2014 Medicare Local NSW Kiama image (5)I was invited to speak on integrated primary care is it viable. It was hosted by the Grand Pacific Health t/a Illawarra Shoalhaven Medicare Local in NSW. It was an honour to present in front of 3 prominent and distinguished Professors of Medicine. The topic was: How to make Integrated Service Delivery a reality from a financial point of view. Thank you to the Board and management team for the invitation and the fabulous delegates. We really enjoyed ourselves in the beautiful town of Kiama. . 24th October 2014 AAPM Practice Manager of the Year A BIG congratulations to Ms Anastasia Dimitriou  who was named 2014 AAPM (Australian Association of Practice Management) Practice Manager of the Year! The AAPM Practice Manager of the Year Award was announced in Adelaide at the 2014 AAPM national conference Gala Dinner on 24th October 2014. It was a fantastic conference and night, only to be topped with naming of the Finalists and the overall Winner. Congratulations to all State and National finalists. A special mention to Debra Smith another friend from NSW who was also named a national finalist. We are all very proud of Anastasia. Your personal story is a remarkable. It is an inspiring one. Your Award was thoroughly deserved. It truly recognises your teams and your own hard work and business acumen. We are so pleased to be able to celebrate your great achievement. Last year we were proud to report that we had assisted eight of the practices/individuals that had either been named State or national finalist or a national winner at the last AAPM International Healthcare Conference. We are pleased that this tradition continues back to back with both of the national winners Anastasia Dimitriou and Helen Siegertsz pictured below.

PM1 2014
Ok hand it over Helen! – 2014 Anastasia Dimitriou and 2013 Helen Siegertsz AAPM Practice Manager of the Year National Award Winners!
PM4 with AAPM 2014
2014 AAPM Practice Manager of the Year – Anastasia Dimitriou with AAPM National President Danny Hayden and CEO Gillian Leach and the national CEO of AGPAL
PM 3 the group 2014
OK a team photo with the roof top “Rat Pack”!:)
H&L PM year 2014
Winners are grinners – well at least there was one in this crowd! – Anastasia Dimitriou 2014 Practice Manager of the Year, Richard and Jemma from the Geraldton Group WA and the Health and Life Adelaide crew!
H&L Crew 2014
2014 Health and Life crew at the AAPM Gala Dinner pre-dinner drinks behaving themselves!

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