Coronavirus leaves medical practices on the verge of collapse

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We have a free sustainable COVID-19 plan for your practice

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Coronavirus leaves medical practices on the verge of collapse.
As reported by the Royal Australian College of General Practice in June 2020, 12% of practices do not feel they are viable, and 37% are not sure!

Are patients afraid to attend your practice?

Are practices closing down?

As featured in The Medical Republic, click here for more information
Six vital steps to take if your practice is in COVID-19 distress

If you have a good plan, it is not all bad news.

It is not all bad news many practices are doing better than last year. This is how.How are you and the team doing?

We understand that practices are busy responding to COVID-19. We hope this guide may help you work more efficiently and effectively.

This step by step 101 survival guide playbook will help the team stay focused. 

This will take another six months and has permanently changed how general practice will operate in the future.

Since February, we have been extremely busy helping GP practices in the East Coast starting in Epping with a COVID-19 Response.

At the time, this has stretched our resources. The upside is we have now produced a free peer-reviewed self-assessment checklist and a practical troubleshooting guide for your practice.

The key is to calm any concern with a plan on how the practice can deal with immediate PPE issues, to short and long term viability and part transitioning to telehealth to ensure patient continuity.

Based on our 28 years of national experience and your input over the years, we have addressed the problem. This practical guide is for owners, staff and patients to reduce any immediate concerns.

The checklist is being updated daily due to rule changes. You can access and bookmark a live link to your browser.

Check your finances now.

The end of the financial year has arrived. Now is the time to check how did you go? We are pleased to report the majority of our clients have faired well; many are even performing better than the previous financial year. So the message is –  it is not all doom and gloom. 

Many have used the survival guide to help respond to the pandemic. The key to success has been having the right attitude and setting the right priorities without re-inventing the wheel when time is your enemy. 

There is no need to be overwhelmed. Lead by starting to working on your practice and not just in it. September 2020, when Job Keeper and Seeker end, will be the next challenge point for everyone.

Need free assistance? 

You can DIY, or we can provide Practice Assistance at your request. To deal with any important or urgent issues, we will provide a high priority complimentary orientation session if you have any questions for the first ten practices that contact us.

This will be the new normal for general practice, the next big move is to the cloud starting with Telehealth services.

Where to start?

Please click on the invitation registration link below to get the practice started. See our national webinars on demand article to access past and future webinars based on the playbook.

Click here to register for access our quick practice checklist and the guide. Feel free to share. We welcome your feedback on our Facebook feedback page. Thank you for any ideas. 

We are receiving a lot of national media interest, so keep an eye out for updates and follow our social media feeds.

Stay safe.

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