The Medical Republic webinar: Practice success is all about the attitude

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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed practice business models under a magnifying glass, and many have been found wanting.

Fewer consults, increases in nurse and reception triage, medical stock wastage, lack of PPE, and issues with transitioning to telehealth have caused serious problems for many practices. Some may not recover.

The pressure to adapt in such a short time has resulted in increasingly fractured relationships between practice staff.

Practice adviser David Dahm argues the practices that will flourish in a post COVID-19 world are the ones with strong internal relationships and focused leadership – the ones that are willing to adapt to survive.

The Medical Republic publisher Jeremy Knibbs writes: “Mr Dahm predicts something like 5-10% of smaller GP practices will likely disappear as a result of COVID-19, but many of those that do survive will need to take stock and reassess their operating models to take into account of an ecosystem, especially around technology created competition, that will have changed forever post COVID-19”.

Join Mr Dahm for a live webinar addressing these issues. He will equip you with the skills you need to successfully lead your team into a healthy post pandemic era, and answer your questions live.
Topics covered in this webinar:

  • How to create a post-JobKeeper plan
  • How to build trust in your team and delegate tasks
  • Ways you can restructure your practice and try new business models
  • Techniques for communicating effectively with patients and staff
  • How to revise patient expectations and workflows
  • How to transition to digital and automated systems
  • Webinar through Zoom

Presentation and live Q&A with business adviser David Dahm.

For the article and webinar click here.

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