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The Business of Healthcare where ethics matter.

The Business of Healthcare (a brand new social media launch)

I hope you all enjoy our brand new newsletter launch called the “The Business of Healthcare – where ethics matter” series  (formerly the Best Practice News Alert series).

Why should I get involved?

Many nationally prominent and influential media, government, practitioners, consumers and people just like you will see your great ideas.

The health issue is more than just a debate between providers and the Government. This is about taking the debate to the community. To people like you who are on the ground, you are the real experts in the system.

Engaging patients and the community is the only way towards a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system for all generations.

In response, our new social media platform has enabled your response to be more publicly accessible. Now you, patients, the Government and community can appreciate the real pressure doctors, dentists, nurses and allied health workers are truly under.

We hope your involvement will encourage a greater understanding of the limitations as well as the simple opportunities to improve the system and your health. We hope this new platform allows a two-way street and beyond the idea that more money is not a panacea.

To do this we really need to hear your voice. This is what really drives change.

How  do I get involved?  (it will not take much of your time)

We have designed a new logo and have also created a new environment that will give you fast and real-time access to information. You can also instantly comment, vote, like or dislike.

Let us know what you think about our healthcare system. Tell us what really needs to be done.

Please “Like” and “Share” and comment.  Subscribe or follow if you want to keep up to date and give some food for thought.

We have only just started this public discussion.

You can make a positive difference by participating in the most area that will always affect your life and those that you care about. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Group:

This group is for people interested in keeping up to date on the latest practical issues affecting practices and patients.

We believe health and financial literacy are the key drivers to self-empowering patients to improve their healthcare. An open and transparent healthcare system benefits both providers and patients. This will cut unnecessary Government interference.

This discussion groups is to encourage a real public debate about healthcare that is in the patient’s interest free of political or commercial influence.

Contributors are not endorsed by Health and Life and/or The One Moment Foundation any abuse of the group will lead exclusion. Please keep all discussion professional and relevant.

Health and Life and/or The One Moment Foundation proudly sponsors the Business of Healthcare.

Also join our discussion group on Linked In called The Business of Healthcare for real time opinions on what you need to do to keep your practice or your patients ahead of the curve.

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