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Chronological List

1.1st July 2014 new Award pay rise or freeze and more?!

2.Greedy Doctors?! (see poll results)

3.Are you prepared to pay $7 to see your GP? (see poll results)

4. For more articles see Health and Life Archives

2009.12.10 The Australian – PM Fails to Deliver on Super Clinics

After-hours change benefits rural GPS

2014.05.30 Medical Observer – $7 Scares Patients Away  Immediately

2014.05.30 Medical Observer – Letter to MO regarding $7 Co Pay

Medical Observer 25 Apr 2014 – Doing it for themselves

2  BRW Article 24-30 May 2007- Falling faith in family trusts

3.12.2010 The Australian – Watchdog urges Gillard to reject NBN’s monopoly plan

16.03.2013 The Weekend Australian – Nothing Healthy About Department of Stuff-Ups

2004.07.13 The Australian Financial Review – Market Wrap, Sonic Opens Mouth



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